My Process

numero unoContact

  • Take the first step to financial security; simply call or email us.
  • You might have been thinking about getting some financial advice for a while. Or you might have a pressing issue. Whatever your need, just contact me and we can have an initial discussion about your situation.

numero dosPre-meeting Preparation

  • I know your time is valuable. That’s why I want to maximise our time together when we first meet.

    If you decide to meet with me and explore your options further then it is important that we all prepare.

    I will provide you with some tasks so that when we meet we can focus solely on what you want to achieve.

numero tresInitial Meeting

  • With your preparation complete, I’ll meet with you and discuss your situation and goals.

    We’ll talk about what is important to you about money including your financial goals and specifics like setting dates and how much you’ll need to achieve those goals.

    With that information, we work together on a Financial Road Map which roughly maps out your goals, amounts and dates.

    If you decide to proceed with me providing a financial plan for you, then I will ask you to complete a Financial Needs Analysis questionnaire. This questionnaire is much more detailed and provides the remaining information I need to build your plan. Once, complete, you return it to me.

numero cuatroFinancial Modelling

  • With all the information we need, I model various strategies to determine what is best for you.

    Once we’ve agreed on your roadmap, I will spend some time, by myself, considering your situation and goals. I will consider the best strategies to help you achieve your goals and conduct modelling to see how the many elements may impact on you.

numero 5Financial Plan and Statement of Advice

  • I present you with your 100% tailored financial strategies followed by a financial plan (statement of advice).

    With your goals in place, and options to help you achieve them, I prepare a 100% tailored financial plan and statement of advice. You’ll come back in to meet me and I will explain every detail and answer all your questions. The idea is to completely educate you on the various elements of the plan so that you can make a fully informed decision about implementing it.

numero 6Measure & Adjust

  • Continual measurement of your progress and adjustments where needed.

    Once your plan is implemented, I provide you with real-time data on a monthly basis so that you can compare your progress against your written plan. I will discuss progress with you as well as any adjustments that may be required to help ensure you reach your goals.

numero 7Financial Goals

  • Well done, you’ve achieved them. Now I walk alongside you.

    The whole idea of financial planning is to help you reach your financial goals. With a 100% tailored plan in place for you, I look forward to the time comes when you’ve achieved them.

    However, no matter what financial position you achieve, I will still coach you on an on-going basis. For example, if you have achieved financial security in retirement then I will maintain your portfolio and make sure they receive your retirement incomes from your portfolio. I also manage your financial affairs and provide on-going education on the investment markets, changes in the legislation, tax etc.

    If you are a younger client then you goals may be more medium term e.g. pay of the mortgage. If that’s the case, we will discuss re-setting your goals and then I will advise and coach you to achieve them.

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