What is Strategic Advice?

What is Strategic Advice?

Strategic financial advice is outcomes-focused, and considers a wide scope of your circumstances including investment, risk protection, debt management, cash-flow, estate planning, saving and retirement planning.

Instead of first focussing on tools and tactics, like self-managed super funds or shares, I instead work with you to determine your goals (outcomes) and then conduct modelling which helps inform me of suitable tools and tactics to achieve your goals.

How I construct strategic financial advice

My strategic advice has a strong technical and mathematical foundation. I use research-based strategies which I model for the long-term outcomes you are looking to achieve.

What is the real value of strategic financial advice?

My advice is personalised to what you want to achieve and is in line with what is important to you in being financially secure. You may want to be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on interest payments, amass greater wealth during your lifetime or have the right insurances in place to protect your family from life’s risks.

The value is that the advice I provide is 100% tailored and aligned to what you want to achieve.

As testimony to my commitment to my clients, I won a merit award (Value of Advice award from the Financial Planning Association). The recognition was received for the outcome I achieved for my clients, a young family, who successfully grew their net wealth by 25 fold, from $23,500 to $602,000, over a period of ten years. They also paid off their mortgage 11 years sooner (from 14 years to 3 years) and saved $48,000 in interest.

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