Why we are different

Most financial advisors focus on the wrong thing; themselves. They talk about their qualifications, their passion, their attention to detail and how long they’ve been in the industry.

To me, those are things that should be a given; not selling points.

Instead, I like to focus on you so that you learn, understand and are excited about the plan for your financial future.

After all, they are YOUR financial goals.

My process ensures that I focus on you and provide you with a 100% tailored financial plan so that you can reach your goals.

From there, it is important to track your progress closely and regularly. Many financial advisers will provide a financial plan but few have the capability to report your progress in real-time.

One of the things that makes me different to other financial advisors is that I can provide you with real-time data on a monthly basis so that you can compare your progress against your written plan.

Every month, I provide you with a report that compares, with precision, your current balances e.g home loan, investments, etc, against the corresponding projected targets you want to achieve.

Along with the success I achieve for my clients, those are just some of the reasons I am recognised on www.top10financialplanner.com.au.

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