What does winning the IFA EXCELLENCE AWARDS mean to me?

I am grateful for the recognition by esteemed peers for my achievements in financial planning. I won INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR award and the OVERALL IFA EXCELLENCE award on the 7th of September 2018 at the Australian independent financial advice (IFA) awards evening. These two awards endorse my approach and […]

Zuraida Ariffin wins two IFA Excellence Awards

Innovator of the Year Award and Overall Individual Excellence Award “The IFA Excellence Awards is the biggest night in the Australian independent financial advice calendar. Over 400 guests converge at the sell-out black tie event to celebrate the achievements of the industry’s most successful advisors, offices and groups.” I am […]

IFA Award Nomination

In early July I received a lovely surprise email! I had been nominated for Goals Based Adviser of the Year!  This is part of the INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS (IFA) EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 My application provided a fantastic opportunity for me to highlight how I help my clients achieve their […]

Einstein’s Eighth Wonder of the World

One thing that frustrates me most is how easy it is to become wealthy, but how hard people can make it seem. The other reason is people want it NOW, and in doing so they end up getting it NEVER. People get easily disheartened by the smallest challenges and sell […]

Don’t Gamble on Financial Advice

In an age of information overload and pervasive social media it seems everyone has an opinion they want to share. Being able to discriminate between what is useful and what is fanciful is increasingly important – especially when it comes to financial issues. In an age of information overload and […]

The Hidden Dangers of an Unplanned Estate

While most of us are aware of the importance of making a Will, there are other estate issues that may not be so obvious and can have dramatic consequences on family security. It’s not just the wealthy – all families need to plan for financial, legal, medical and child care […]

Women and superannuation: Tips for success

When it comes to super savings, women in Australia are likely to have significantly less than men. The average Australian woman retires with around half the balance of the average man. This is because women (still!) earn less than men for equivalent jobs and they’re more likely to have a […]

Client Event – Insights Seminar

To provide our clients with knowledge on a number of areas that may impact on their financial position, we held the Insights Seminar at the Hyatt Hotel, Canberra. Technical Advice Manager, Mel Bendeich talked about Aged Care and Superannuation. Justin McLaughlin, Chief Investment Officer provided a briefing on the Investment Markets. […]