IFA Award Nomination

In early July I received a lovely surprise email!

I had been nominated for Goals Based Adviser of the Year!  This is part of the INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS (IFA) EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 https://www.ifa.com.au/excellence-awards

My application provided a fantastic opportunity for me to highlight how I help my clients achieve their goals.

In particular, I drew upon the following real life case studies (names have been changed for privacy reasons).

  • Matt and Dora, both Public Servants who have two young children, came to me with no particular financial plans. We set goals, strategized, maximized tax concessions, invested in a portfolio and set up insurance safety nets.

Outcome achieved:

Over 6 years they paid off their home loan (original term of 30 years), resulting in an enormous saving of time and money. Zeroing the mortgage provided opportunities to divert bank interest repayments to grow their wealth outside super.

  • John and Brenda also have two children. I met them in Sept 2009. John worked at a University and Brenda owned a private medical practice. In 2009, Brenda had $129,000 in Super and they wanted to retire at the age of 55 on $120,000 p.a.

I modelled several strategic planning scenarios leaving no stone unturned. This included different retirement ages, selling the business premises Brenda owned into their SMSF, salary sacrifice and combinations of these scenarios. They chose to sell the business premises asset to the SMSF that I set up.

I tracked John and Brenda’s progress against the strategic plan scenarios. At the end of the 2018 financial year they are ahead of their projected ideal position.

Outcome achieved:

Having implemented a comprehensive financial plan over the last 9 years, they are now retiring on $120,000 p.a. and the money accumulated should last for their expected lifetime.

Upon reflection in response to being nominated for the Award, I am proud that I provided tailored advice that delivered demonstrable client value using well-oiled systems and processes in my business.  This advice enabled these clients to bridge the gap between where they were and where they wanted to be.

If you wish to discuss developing a future lifestyle of your choice, please feel free to call me on 6188 4266 or email zuraida@zawealthcreation.com.au

Jon Shirley