Jo & Clive


Ten years ago when my girlfriend and I were talking about our superannuation balances we found we both had sadly average super balances. We were pretty depressed about it and retirement was obviously a distant dream for us both. My husband and I already had a financial advisor but he didn't seem to have a plan that took into account our goals and life circumstances. I met Zuraida and liked her way of thinking, she was enthusiastic and inspiring. She got us onto a tailored plan and rearranged our finances so that with relatively little pain, and a shift in head space, we were regularly putting more money into my super account. Since then my super has nearly tripled while my friend's super has increased by only a tiny fraction. It wasn't magic, it was a little sacrifice early on and keeping a steady course. Even when our previous accountant messed up, Zuraida was able to tweak our plan and keep us on the now slightly modified trajectory. We are very pleased with the end result - we get to retire at the dreamed-of early stage! Thank you Zuraida, your gentle and sound advice. It has led us to a much better financial position than we had hoped for.