Our story


We help our clients build, protect and secure their wealth so that they are free to focus on the important things in their lives.

Since the opening of the business 11 years ago, Zuraida Ariffin Wealth Creation has developed into a fee for service business built on a strong foundation of compliant processes that deliver results for clients. Zuraida strives to build a strong connection with her clients, allowing her to have an in-depth knowledge of their financial situations. They consult her before making any move that impacts their financial situation and that trust leads to relationship longevity. 

Zuraida’s mission is to translate client’s aspirations into tangible strategies/timelines with specific measurable steps. The accomplishments she has created for her clients has led to her recognition within the Financial Planning sector; winning the Value of Advice Award in 2007 as well as being awarded the IFA Innovator of the Year and the IFA Overall Individual Excellence Awards in 2018. The practice is listed in the top 10 financial planning practices in Canberra.