We are a client-centric financial planning business that focuses on building client relationships, needs-based advice and provision of ongoing services. These are what our clients have to say about us and the quality of our services.

Jo & Clive

Ten years ago when my girlfriend and I were talking about our superannuation balances we found we both had sadly average super balances.  We were pretty depressed about it and retirement was obviously a distant dream for us both. My husband and I already had a financial advisor but he didn't seem to have a plan that took into account our goals and life circumstances. I met Zuraida and liked her way of thinking, she was enthusiastic and inspiring. She got us onto a tailored plan and rearranged our finances so that with relatively little pain, and a shift in head space, we were regularly putting more money into my super account. Since then my super has nearly tripled while my friend's super has increased by only a tiny fraction. It wasn't magic, it was a little sacrifice early on and keeping a steady course. Even when our previous accountant messed up, Zuraida was able to tweak our plan and keep us on the now slightly modified trajectory. We are very pleased with the end result - we get to retire at the dreamed-of early stage! Thank you Zuraida, your gentle and sound advice. It has led us to a much better financial position than we had hoped for.

Kevin and Dorothy

Zuraida has been our financial advisor for nearly 20 years. We are delighted to have Zuraida as without her we would not be in the financial position we are in today.

Zuraida has worked with us to meet our financial goals and attain the retirement lifestyle we now enjoy. She provides us with a holistic approach to our finances. Credit goes to Zuraida for her strategic outlook maximising our financial resources. She provides technical financial advice in a clear and explanatory manner. Zuraida gives timely feedback through periodic reviews and monthly reporting. We have seen our wealth grow in ways we would never have thought achievable.

Zuraida is a good listener, friendly and is always professional. Her staff member, Carolyn, complements her services. We highly recommend Zuraida’s financial services to those who wish to grow their wealth.

Luke & Laura

After doing our research for a while on Financial Advisers in Canberra we kept being drawn back to Zuraida Wealth Creation. We feel confident in having made the right decision not just from the fantastic reviews but from now meeting with Zuraida and receiving direction for our financial future. We are long term thinkers and we are now feeling confident and genuinely excited for what we can achieve with Zuraida's guidance. Not only can we speak highly of her achievements but her welcoming personality and friendliness make her a pleasure to meet with.

Tash & Patrick

After getting married we wanted to consolidate our finances and put structures in place to support us through the various stages of life. Zuraida has helped us to clarify our financial goals as a new family unit and navigate the tax, insurance, and share market systems to ensure that we get value for our money. Zuraida is a great listener, patient, friendly, and very good at explaining complex (at least to us!) ideas in simple yet accurate language. Periodic meetings and monthly updates on our progress help us to understand how our goals are working out in real time. We feel happy and confident with the goals that Zuraida has helped us set and the structures put in place to help us get there!

David & Penny

We are extremely happy to have met Zuraida! Prior to seeking advice from Zuraida, we had no real financial plans or goals, and were just trucking along paying off our 30 year home loan. She got us to set goals, structure our finances, strategise, maximise tax concessions, invest in Australian and international shares, set up insurance safety nets and more. We now feel like we are exceeding all the original goals Zuraida helped us set. We are on track to pay off our homeloan in just 6 years in addition to building an investment portfolio to allow us to retire early! We really wouldn't have believed this was possible and certainly wouldn't have known where to start in putting together such a comprehensive plan.

We really appreciate Zuraida's monthly reporting - you always know whether you are on track, and it really motivates you to stick to your budgets and plans. Also, all conversations with Zuraida are clear - she doesn't bamboozle you with jargon, she really takes the time to explain things clearly and we always feel comfortable with the degree of risk we are taking in our investments.

Kelli & Penny

We knew deep down that we needed financial help as all we seemed to be doing was spending money without having anything at the end to show for all our hard work.

Yet we put off seeing a financial planner because we didn’t want to give up on our lifestyle and fun holidays. We also thought that it would be like speaking to our parents about money; just being told to “Save and stop spending on unnecessary items”.

We didn’t really have clear financial goals, just a few dreams of what we wanted to do as we grew older. Yet, when we met with Zuraida, she just understood us.

We never thought that taking a year off from our regular jobs to travel, live and work overseas was possible. Zuraida, however, found a way while also ensuring we still have a solid financial future.

Jaya & Mary

We have been consulting with Zuraida for the past 5 years. From our first meeting with her, we were impressed by her friendly yet professional and detailed approach.

We felt supported and guided by Zuraida’s approach of helping us chart our dreams and aspirations.

We feel secure knowing that our money is in a good place and doing its work for us.

Having constant feedback, following periodic reviews which are really inspiring means that we can now focus on the things that we enjoy and not worry about our financial situation.

In fact we have already seen our income grow and bear fruit and are confident that we are on track to achieve our goals.... thanks to Zuraida.

Laurie and Rae

As retirement approached Rae & I were unsure of our financial future. In 1999/2000 we sought assistance and made a smart move seeking advice from Zuraida, who made Rae and I feel comfortable and happy about our future finances.

Having Zuraida as our financial Planner/adviser to look after our funds has put our minds at ease, particularly in retirement.

Although Rae had little superannuation accumulated during her working life with strategies put in place prior to retirement Rae is receiving an income stream from her allocated pension. This income compliments my CSS Pension, providing us with freedom to travel and afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Rae and I greatly appreciate Zuraida's advice and sound financial planning and highly recommend her services.


Your care and guidance are tailor-made to my needs. It's engaging being involved with the business and social activities that are provided in an individual and thoughtful manner, by your highly experience team.

You are constantly striving to fulfil my ambitions, while enabling my choice of lifestyle with a feeling of freedom and the ability to express who I am.

Adrian and Lisa

The greatest value we get by working with Zuraida Ariffin Wealth Creation is having a written strategic plan to help us achieve our goals. We have honed our attitudes on managing money and we have clarity on how to get what we desire financially and non-financially.

Zuraida has taken the load off our shoulders and made the ‘invisible’ visible for us – our progress is tracked in real time to give us the confidence that we are headed in the right direction.

Zuraida is well-qualified, experienced and trustworthy which is an important attribute for someone looking after our financial future.


I feel much more reassured about the future knowing that, thanks to Zuraida and Rhonda, I now have a plan to make my money work for me and if all goes according to that plan, I should be able to retire comfortably. It's a surprising weight off my shoulders.

I look forward to working with you both to bring the plan to fruition.

Beth and Duncan

Having a financial plan finally has given us great clarity and peace of mind. You explained everything to us so well that it all makes sense – we now feel completely relaxed and are very excited about our financial future as a family.

We feel very fortunate to have met you, particularly while we still have so many years ahead of us to build a stable financial future.

Thank you to you and your team.

David and Mary

We joined Zuraida in 2000 when we both retired from the public service. When Zuraida set up her own business we became her clients and have now been with her for twelve years. She has managed our retirement fund in good times and bad, with professional skill and a friendly, personable approach. When adjustments to our portfolio became necessary she explained the changes clearly and ensured we understood her reasons. We would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a financial adviser.

Merric and Sue

My dealings with Zuraida in regard to financial advice date back to 1988 when I took a voluntary “redundancy package” from my then employer.

Over the ensuing years, Zuraida has provided me with ongoing financial advice relating to my superannuation funds up to my retirement in 2001.

Zuraida also assisted me in setting up my Allocated Pension following my retirement, which now provides me with my retirement income. She also assisted my wife with setting up an Allocated Pension of her own.

In all the years of my association with Zuraida, I have found her to be honest, knowlegable, and effective in assisting me with financial and investment matters.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zuraida to anyone who needs financial planning assistance no matter what stage of life they are at.

Stuart and Jenni

Jenni and I were introduced to Zuraida in 1994 and commenced using her services from that time. Although Jenni and I were familiar with household budgeting we were both surprised how much we did not know about establishing a financial system which suited our current needs with a family of teenagers, but also aimed at the time when we would retire from the workforce. Zuraida patiently and professionally worked with us over the years, modifying our system and reviewing our financial progress at regular intervals.

We have been very satisfied with her services and, although we have not always agreed with her advice, she has always explained the reasons for the advice and allowed us to make the final decision on which way we were to proceed. All changes to financial matters have been transparent from the financial bodies through the internet with summaries and reports being provided by Zuraida following our reviews.

There have been times when financial advice has been necessary in a short time and I have always found Zuraida available to provide the information. Either by phone or the internet, it has been extremely useful to have the personalized services of someone who knows our circumstances and can relate the requirement to our goals.

Both Jenni and I have now retired and we are pleased that we have used and continue to use, Zuraida’s financial services.


“Where does all my money go?” I asked in frustration.  I was chatting with a friend over coffee one day and we got talking about mortgages and investments, and after skirting around the issue, I finally came clean: I had no idea where most of my money went, and could not understand why I seemed to be unable to make headway against my mortgage.  My friend recommended that I get in touch with Zuraida and although it took me some time to finally heed that advice, I’m very glad I did.

By patiently working through my financial situation with me, Zuraida has helped me take control of my income (and spending!) and make my money work for me.  The strategies Zuraida has developed for me mean that my mortgage will now be paid off in about 6 years instead of 25, and all the while I will have other investments slowly ticking over for my retirement.  Zuraida’s straightforward approach has helped me make sense of what was previously a mystery to me, and the most satisfying thing is that I can see the progress – week by week, month by month.

By taking care to find out what my financial goals are and what I want to achieve by investing, Zuraida has helped me help myself.

ZA Wealth Creation was proud to sponsor Ingrid in Can Too Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival where she managed to raise $3400 for the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation. She finished the 9km course in an amazing 55.46 minutes!

Mike and Barbara

Choosing a Financial Planner for us, was probably no more difficult than for most, but as we approached retirement, & having always managed our own investments, there was a reluctance to hand over financial decisions to those we didn’t know. However, it’s a necessity, as we were unfamiliar with the many complying rules & regulations. We’d had meetings & discussions with many planners, attended seminars & spoken with others over a twelve month period, before finally deciding. We lingered over a decision, realising that the direction we chose, & investment decisions made, would impact on our future financial & personal lives, & those of our families.

The reason for choosing Zuraida was, we felt, that in handing over investment decisions to another, we needed to feel comfortable with our personal association, more so than with any investment decisions, as any results & outcomes of those decisions, were yet to be realised. There’s a reluctance to remunerate anyone, who at the time, was yet to make any decisions, wise or not, but a choice needed to be made, & it needed to sit comfortably. So the eventual choice was really based on impression, & a personable & comfortable feeling we had of Zuraida, together with clear advice & a plan & direction to pursue, & so far we still feel comfortable with that choice.

All financial planners must surely seek to make educated & informed decisions on where funds should be invested. It’s early days for us, but at this stage of wealth preservation, wealth creation & income generation phases in our relationship with Zuraida, we feel settled with the choice of planner, though her investment decisions in our case, are yet to be realised.

The future will tell, & we are optimistic!

Trevor and Norma

With Zuraida’s knowledge regarding financial strategies, we as investors have greatly improved on our upcoming retirement status, following  her advice.

We have a good understanding of our investment advice which is explained in simple understandable terms, with realist goals. We are comforted by the numbers knowing we are not likely to run out of money in retirement.

A true Financial Planner creates a long lasting, trusting relationship that will enable clients to have complete peace of mind with monetary matters and we have every confidence that this has been achieved with  Zuraida assistance.